TheoryBuilder set TheoryBuilder™ is a library of workbooks for training and assigning homework in music theory.

TheoryBuilder™ Pre-college is a set of workbooks for all levels of elementary and high school music theory. TheoryBuilder eliminates the need to prepare your own materials and helps standardize music theory practice for your pre-college students.

We offer Original and New TheoryBuilder workbooks for each of the six levels:

  • Prep A (1st and 2nd graders)
  • Prep B (3rd and 4th graders)
  • Level 1 (5th and 6th graders)
  • Level 2 (7th and 8th graders)
  • Level 3 (9th and 10th graders)
  • Level 4 (11th and 12th graders)

We also offer a Level K workbook, designed for training your youngest students in writing and recognizing clefs, notes, and rests.

A workbook for each level consists of 15 loose worksheets in a folder, with 4-6 questions per sheet. The price of each workbook is $10.00.

Desk Copy If you are a teacher, we suggest buying desk copies ($40.00 ea.), which are conveniently bound with plastic comb binding. The new desk copy contains all new worksheets, from Prep A to Level 4; the original desk copy contains all original worksheets, also from Prep A to Level 4. Please note that Level K is not included in desk copies.

TheoryBuilder™ College are workbooks intended for college-level introductory music theory courses for non-music majors who have no prior exposure to music theory. The written work through these workbooks is aimed at reinforcing what is taught in class. Students will learn basic music terminology and symbols, rhythmic values, intervals, and will practice elementary music reading.

The price of each college workbook is $20.00.

We currently offer TheoryBuilder College workbooks only in:

  • Level 1

Level 2 will be available by January 2021.

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